The Coolangatta Gold

Annual Event Celebrating Skill, Stamina, and Spirit

14-15 October, 2023
Every October, our beautiful Coolangatta on the Gold Coast becomes a hub of excitement and anticipation as it hosts the iconic Shaw and Partners Financial Services Coolangatta Gold. This annual event, deeply rooted in Australian surf lifesaving culture, showcases the remarkable athleticism, endurance, and dedication of participants from around the world. With its challenging course and breathtaking coastal backdrop, the Coolangatta Gold has become a must-attend event. Let’s delve into the history, format, and the atmosphere that make the Coolangatta Gold a true celebration of skill and stamina.

The Ultimate Test of Endurance

The Coolangatta Gold is renowned for its challenging course that pushes participants to their limits. The event consists of two primary divisions: the Short Course and the Long Course. The Short Course covers 21.5 kilometers, comprising a 2.5-kilometer swim, a 6.1-kilometer board paddle, a 3.5-kilometer ski paddle, and a 9.4-kilometer beach run. On the other hand, the Long Course is an astonishing 41.8 kilometers, demanding participants to complete two laps of the Short Course. These rigorous challenges test competitors’ physical endurance, mental fortitude, and adaptability in various ocean conditions.

A Coast Spectacle

The coastline here serves as a stunning backdrop for the Coolangatta Gold. As participants battle the elements, spectators line the shores, cheering on athletes and creating a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and support. The event attracts a diverse audience, including clubbies, locals, and tourists. The coastal pathways and lookout points offer prime viewpoints to witness the action unfold and enjoy the energy of the event.

Community Spirit and Legacy

The Coolangatta Gold is not just a sporting event; it is a celebration of our community and the values of surf lifesaving. It serves as a platform to raise awareness about ocean safety and inspire the next generation of surf lifesavers. The event fosters a sense of unity, with surf lifesaving clubs from across Australia coming together to showcase their talent and dedication. It also highlights the vital role these clubs play in keeping our beaches safe.

From its humble beginnings, this annual event has grown into a legendary competition and is a testament to the values embodied by surf lifesavers.

Coolangatta Gold Accommodation 

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