Coolangatta is the southernmost suburb of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It has a population of 4,869 and is named after the schoonerCoolangatta which was wrecked there in 1846.

Coolangatta and its immediate neighbouring “Twin Town” Tweed Heads in New South Wales have a shared economy. The Tweed River supports a thriving fishing fleet, and the seafood is a local specialty offered in the restaurants and clubs of the holiday and retirement region on both sides of the state border.

If beaches and more beaches is what you desire then Coolangatta in Gold Coast is the best place for you to head towards. This town is an absolute beach heaven. Located in the state of Queensland in Australia, Coolangatta is to be located in the southern region of Gold Coast on the banks of Tweed River. Coolangatta in Gold Coast also resides near the border of the Australian state of New South Wales.

Though known mainly for its many and beautiful beaches, Coolangatta also has a striking and exciting outback. The name Coolangatta in Aboriginal translates as ‘beautiful place’; and to say that Coolangatta lives up to its name would be an understatement.